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  • Mozambique
    Latest update: Summary - increasing tensions in Mozambique and opposition threats to set up checkpoints on main E1 and E6 roads
  • Uganda
    Latest update: Summary & Safety and security section - presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 18 February 2016; further advice on precautions and updates and details of contacting the British High Commission
  • Ecuador
    Latest update: Health section - if you travel to the Galapagos Islands by boat you may be asked to state your blood group; update on confirmed cases of the Zika virus
  • Spain
    Latest update: Summary - disruption to ferries sailing between the UK and the north of Spain
  • Bahrain
    Latest update: Safety and security section - information about protests from 11 to 14 February 2016
  • North Korea
    Latest update: Summary - on 6 January 2016 DPRK state media announced that North Korea had conducted a nuclear test; this was followed on 7 February by a satellite launch using ballistic missile technology
  • Angola
    Latest update: Summary – removal of precautionary security notice for US citizens advising them to avoid locations in Luanda; Entry requirements section – there is currently an outbreak of yellow fever in Luanda and other parts of Angola; a vaccination is required for travellers arriving from all countries
  • Kosovo
    Summary – large protest is expected to take place on Wednesday 17 February in the centre of Pristina
  • Mauritius
    Latest update: Summary - removal of information on torrential rain, flooding and closure of schools and offices
  • Djibouti
    Latest update: Summary - on 6 February, there was an attack on a gendarmerie station at Lake Assal, central Djibouti; presidential elections will be held on 8 April; there are expected to be political gatherings and potentially heightened levels of tension, particularly in Djibouti city
  • Italy
    Latest update: Summary – information and advice for Tottenham Hotspur’s fans travelling to Florence for the Europa League on 18 February
  • Russia
    Latest update: Terrorism section - on 8 February 2016 the Russian authorities arrested 7 men in Ekaterinburg in connection with alleged plans to carry out terrorist attacks across Russia
  • Mali
    Latest update: Terrorism section – recent attacks; methods have included complex attacks by militants, kidnappings, small arms fire, and improvised explosive devices (IEDS)
  • Greece
    Latest update: Summary - farmers continue to block a number of major roads across Greece, causing significant traffic disruption; a major protest is scheduled to take place in central Athens on 12 and 13 February
  • France
    Latest update: Summary – information and advice for Chelsea fans travelling to Paris for the Champions League on 16 February
  • Chad
    Latest update: this advice has been revised and re-issued without amendment
  • Thailand
    Latest update: Health section – cases of Zika virus have been reported in Thailand in 2016; you should follow the advice of the National Travel Health Network and Centre, particularly if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, and seek advice from a health professional if you have any further questions or concerns
  • Bhutan
    Latest update: Summary – there were no cases of British nationals requiring consular assistance in 2015
  • Taiwan
    Latest update: Safety and security section (Consular assistance) - minor editorial amendment
  • Germany
    Latest update: Summary - removal of information and advice about train accident on 9 February 2016 in Bad Aibling, near Rosenheim in Bavaria

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