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  • Côte d'Ivoire
    Latest update: Safety and security section (Crime) - increased troop deployments throughout the country, particularly in the north and west in response to an increase in banditry and overall insecurity during the Christmas holiday season; take extra care if you’re planning road journeys over the holiday period
  • Mexico
    Latest update: Summary - illegal roadblocks reported more frequently, particularly in the state of Guerrero; if possible, travel by air if you’re visiting a major tourist destination in Guerrero
  • Morocco
    Latest update: Summary - update on areas affected by flooding in November 2014
  • Italy
    Latest update: Health section - reports of avian influenza (bird flu) in a flock of farm turkeys in the Veneto area
  • South Sudan
    Latest update: Summary - removal of advice about anniversary on 15 December
  • Ethiopia
    Latest update: Entry requirements section - increase in visa fees
  • Colombia
    Latest update: Summary - strike by immigration officials at El Dorado International airport (Bogotá); expect delays clearing immigration on departure and arrival
  • Turkey
    Latest update: Summary - there may be demonstrations in major cities on 19 December; Terrorism section - 19 December is recognised as a date around which a particular group may be active
  • Iraq
    Latest update: Terrorism section - be especially vigilant around the Christmas and New Year period and the anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s death on 30 December
  • Congo
    Latest update: Summary - addition of new a map
  • Bahrain
    Latest update: Safety and Security section – protests
  • India
    Latest update: Summary section - SpiceJet flight cancellations
  • Syria
    Latest update: this advice has been reviewed and re-issued without amendment
  • Haiti
    Latest update: Summary – planned demonstration in Port-au-Prince on 18 December
  • British Virgin Islands
    Latest update: Safety and security section – consular assistance
  • Ecuador
    Latest update: Natural disasters section – orange alert for Chiles and Cerro Negro volcanoes
  • Madagascar
    Latest update: Summary - situation remains fragile after recent rioting in Morondava and Port Berge (Boriziny).
  • Pakistan
    Latest update: Summary - attack on a school in Peshawar
  • Libya
    Latest update: Sahel region section – updated information about the terrorist group Boko Haram and list of recent kidnappings
  • Sudan
    Latest update: Sumary - removal of advice about the anniversary of the outbreak of the current conflict in South Sudan.

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